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   Getting ready for another winter here in North Jersey. I put up a few new photos of boats in the shop like the rare 8 foot salesman display canoe on the table. She was restored in 1940 but we're going to restore her back to her original paint design of 1929. Was a busy summer, didn't get to the woodenboat show even, or out on the water enough. We plan on making the show in June 2019. Trying to keep the woodshed full. I love having the open shop but it's tough to heat. We can always fit in some repairs, but for full restorations or recanvasing canoes right now it's a 6 month waiting list. 

Satter's Restorations

              Upcoming Projects
​20 foot Grand Laker. going to Maine.
​1916 Kennebec with sponsons. type a 
​1931 Old Town HW model.
1928 Old Town Charles River.
   1924 Old town Yankee model. She's in rough shape. Getting all new decks, thwarts and seats in white birch. Also spruce outwales and new canvas. everything just the way it was in 1924 when she left the factory. 
New mahogany dagger board.
  The display canoe back to it's original paint design #3 from 1929.
 a 1962 Fairey Marine Duckling. Taking out the centerboard and trunk and replacing it with a dagger board to allow for more room in the boat. Slicing a new keelson overlay on our new Laguna 14/12 bandsaw in the shop, to cover the center board slot.