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About Satter's Restoration
​       In my shop I rebuild and canvas wooden canoes and small wooden boats from the late 1800's to modern day. I got my love of the work after attending a class at the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin Maine given by Jerry Stelmock of Island Falls Canoe. Being on Eggemoggin Reach sailing and paddling with all those traditional boats around draws you in. After that I was hooked and went back for further sailing and building classes. Since then I've had hundreds of boats and canoes in my small shop, from Old Towns to Chestnuts to hundred year old Morris canoes, and many other small craft like Penn Yans and Adirondack Guide Boats. We can also replace any wood trim or seats on your fiberglass canoe or boat.
​    I've always had an interest in older or historical items, especially wooden items and things made by hand. I probably got that from my father who was a home builder and woodworker. I spent many hours in his workshop sanding my fingertips off on the power sander and building projects. I've worked on everything from furniture and houses to horse drawn sleighs to five ton Herreshoff sloops. 

  Doing what I love to do is the best part of the job and always a new challenge. I have to say, I would not be able to continue what I love without the support and patience of my wife Kathy and my daughters Carly and Jane.
A quality restoration can be a slow process. Whether it's new canvas on a canoe or a total rebuild, we use only the best quality lumber (cedar, ash, spruce or teak) and hardware (brass, bronze, copper or stainless).
  All our restorations and repairs will equal or exceed the original workmanship of the piece. All our finishes are applied by hand, whether it's brushed or rolled, though we do use modern paints, varnishes and adhesives. These products have greatly improved over time and will only add more years to your investment. 
  I will take the time to speak and work with you throughout the process of your project, including periodic updates to keep you informed. 
   Whether it's a ten year old Old Town or a hundred year old Morris canoe, they are all important to you and will be treated like the family heirlooms they are. Feel free to contact me with any questions.
                                                     David Satter
1973 Herreshoff  Bristol total restoration. One of our larger jobs. New interior, teak and walnut. Interlux brightside on the hull. We can restore your classic plastic boat also. 
Satter's Restorations 
  I started working with my father in the early 70s. When we had the job of building new gear wheels for the mill at the Historic Waterloo village. Photo after installation.  
Good reliable products produce good results
 transom repairs
New Penn Yan Transom