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Quality Woodwork
Restoration & Repair of Classic cedar/canvas canoes and small boats
​Satter's Restorations

​  Owned by David and Kathy Satter in the beautiful Northwest corner of New Jersey surrounded by lakes and streams, you can still have your canoe or small wooden boat repaired. We're a small family owned company and take pride in our work and paying attention to detail. If you're dreaming of fixing up your father's / grandfather's canoe or just brightening up the varnish on your current boat call us for a free estimate and to discuss the possibilities. 
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​         Most of the products, goods and services you buy or own today are not made by hand in the way they used to be.
Everything built, restored or repaired here for you is in keeping with tradition. Every piece is hand made, of course we use power tools, but for most of our work we have to build or make each piece. It's not something we can go to the store and purchase. Due to the nature of these old boats we're matching pieces for sometimes 100 year old items. Everything is a curve or compound angle. So these things take some time.
        Our goal here is for you the customer to feel your getting quality work and an honest days labor from us at a fair price. Giving life to these old boats again is part of history. They have a story to tell and hopefully will be handed down to the next generation.
1931 Old Town HW model.  Finished in Kirby c-green paint, and Epifanes matte varnish.
1929 Old Town sailing canoe
1917 Morris 
The Workshop 
Historic Old Town paint designs.  Design #37 (on left) and Design #45 
"If a man must be obsessed with something, I suppose a boat is as good as anything, perhaps a bit better than most." - E. B. White  
We can fit in some small repairs but at this time for larger jobs and restorations there is a 24 month waiting list.